AP: All the News That Fits the Narrative…

November 18, 2009

AP Buries Inconvenient Results of Latest Healthcare Poll


ABC: All Barack Channel?

June 18, 2009

ABC News is giving Obama control of their airwaves for hours without rebuttal to present his views on health care.  Should you trust them?

Meanwhile, approximately 130 ABC employees gave money to Obama. That’s close to a 33 – 1 ratio. Yet, ABC officially announced that they and they alone would manage what questions were asked of Obama about his program, including from the audience.

It strikes me as simply unwise to entrust such a significant portion of the debate around a policy that will impact American lives, potentially forever, to just one organization with such an imbalance in their political views.

Aren’t the media supposed to be the watch dogs and present balanced information?  Can anyone imagine similar treatment for Bush?  No President should be given a free ride from the media.  What bias.