When Reporters Openly Advocate…

July 24, 2009

Are there any repercussions when a reporter is a guest speaker against policy that she is covering?  Apparently not.


Obama is as Unpopular as Palin

July 24, 2009

Glenn Reynolds points out that Obama and Palin have disapproval ratings that are a statistical tie.  Given the treatment of the two by the media many will find this very surprising.

How the Media Didn’t Report Our Victory in Iraq

July 16, 2009

American troops have withdrawn from Iraq’s cities having successfully completed their mission. In the midst of an international conflict – it used to be called, misleadingly, the Global War on Terrorism; it’s now called, incoherently, an “overseas contingency operation” – both al-Qaeda and Iran have been beaten on a battlefield in the heart of the Middle East.

One might think that would be a major news story. One would be wrong. The mainstream media have other stories to cover, other priorities – Michael Jackson’s death and Sarah Palin stepping down as Alaska’s governor top among them.


AP and Clear Bias

July 13, 2009

Here’s an effusive AP article trying to spread the love.

Another Confession of Bias

July 13, 2009

The only surprise is the admission of guilt from someone who is clearly not a Palin fan.

In the 2008 election, we took sides, straight and simple, particularly with regard to the vice presidential race. I don’t know that we played a decisive role in that campaign, and I’m not saying the better side lost. What I am saying is that we simply didn’t hold Joe Biden to the same standard as Sarah Palin, and for me, the real loser in this sordid tale is my chosen profession.

The NYT Allows Reporters With Clear Conflict of Interest to Mislead

July 13, 2009

James Risen and Eric Lichtblau misrepresent a report from Inspectors General on a story that concerns their own misdeeds. Of course, if you only read the NYT you wouldn’t know this.

African Reporter Apparently Didn’t Get the CNN Memo…

July 13, 2009

And the narrative was shot down. Just report the news already.