Inspector General Fired For Doing His Job?

The WSJ reports on an Inspector General, Gerald Walprin, who was just fired without cause or notification to Congress and this has curiously not been reported by the NYT, Newsweek etc.  A law passed by Congress in 2008 requires that cause be given along with 30 days notice to Congress and this law was co-sponsored by then Senator, Barack Obama and the IG was busy finding wrong doing by a friend of the President.  Why is this not news to the MSM?  I wonder…

To everyone who chooses to get your news from news sources biased in only one direction you are willfully wearing blinders of your own creation.  All news sources are biased and you have to read a variety in order to understand what is happening.  If you don’t read from a variety of sources then you can not possibly call yourself well informed.  Please be well informed.


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