CNN and Tea Parties

So there are persons on both sides of the aisle that are upset by being placed in such debt both for themselves and their children and who feel that they could better spend their own money to stimulate the economy rather than rely on the state or federal government to do so yet CNN’s Susan Roesgen tries to spin it to fit their own agenda by having their “reporter” argue that state governments are receiving money back and implying that these protests were driven from above as opposed to arising from below (as anyone who has followed the lead up to these protests would know). Watch CNN’s bias in action…

Here is much more video from the same event to give a much more accurate feel for what happened:

Mainstream media had better get their act together and report news or they will soon be out of business. Yes, newspapers, that means you.

Susan Roesgen called to account for her selective “reporting” on the spot (content warning):


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