Pliability Journalism

January 27, 2009

Many examples of how change comes to the Associated Press.

If 90% of mainstream media members voted for Republicans instead of Democrats the media would be just as biased but in the opposite direction.


MSNBC is totally in the tank for Obama…

January 26, 2009

according to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.  The mainstream media is completely losing its watchdog function and that is harmful to our democracy.

The Media’s ‘romance’ with Obama

January 25, 2009

Long time CBS newsman Bernard Goldberg has a new book out on media bias in this election cycle.

This is not a book about the same old media bias. This time journalists cross a very bright line. This time they stopped being witnesses to history and they were intent on helping to shape history. They moved from media bias to media activism. In my whole life I have never seen the media get on board for one candidate the way they did this time around and — this is very important — they did it without even a hint of embarrassment.

Jon Stewart points out media bias

January 21, 2009

Though he “doesn’t like doing this.”

Is inauguration extravagance worth the expense?

January 16, 2009

According to the AP, it depends on the party.  What bias?

Is Time Rooting for Israel’s Defeat?

January 13, 2009

source: Time editorializes again in a “news” piece against the only democracy in Middle East (outside of Iraq, that is).

Has Time magazine joined the ranks of Hamas and come out in favor of the destruction of Israel? Probably not, but what else is a reader to think after just the first couple paragraphs of this Tim McGirk story from last week? You’d think McGirk’s story couldn’t get any worse than the headline — “Can Israel Survive Its Assault on Gaza? — but you’d be wrong.

CNN Is Manipulated Again

January 8, 2009

So CNN is criticizing Joe the Plumber for his visit to Israel to speak to average citizens there (since all of the media attention is on Gaza) while again CNN’s own “experience” in reporting the “news” is again highlighted…

Would someone please just report the facts in an even-handed way? Doesn’t CNN have the resources necessary to determine facts and verify sources?  Is that too much to ask?

UPDATE: Further debunking of this video.