Agenda Journalism Quantified

“There has been a tremendous amount of punditry and debate about whether or not there was mainstream media and popular culture bias during the presidential election and whether or not that led to an overt polarization of the electorate in 2008 and now it is possible to quantitatively illustrate that not only did both of the above take place, but they likely did so at a disservice to the voters,” said Chris Wilson, CEO of Wilson Research Strategies.

“This wasn’t just an election in which supporters of the two major party candidates divided on ideological lines or separate goals for the direction of the nation,” said Wilson.  “It was also an election where the electorate was literally divided by separate realities of the world around them.” 

“As the data from these surveys show, the information believed to be true by, respectively, McCain and Obama voters directly correlates not just to the candidate each voter was likely to support, but also the sources from which the voter received his or her political information,” Wilson commented. 



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