Ayers Does an Interview and CNN Covers for Him, Again

Before the election CNN, like most media outlets, simply refused to dig in to Ayers’ connections with Obama; they were apparently too busy dumpster diving in Alaska.  Now that Ayers’ cohort in education “reform” is now the President-elect, he has done an interview with Good Morning America and CNN does it’s very best to cover for him.

The problem with Bill Ayers is not just that he was a radical in the 60’s who attempted to overthrow the government with bombs but that he is still a radical who has moved from bombs to using educational “reform” as a means to revolution.  This is not conjecture for you can read his own words.  The real issue is that Obama helped to fund Bill Ayers’ revolutionary ideas in American classrooms through serving as the head of the Annenburg Challenge but the media is not the least bit interested in this connection and what “reforms” were receiving millions of dollars that according to their own summary did not result in educational improvements.

Now that Ayers is talking how does CNN cover the story?  Simply by taking Ayers word for everything with unquestioned quote after quote and again repeating the ridiculous ‘Obama was only 8 years old’ line.  When asked about Ayers’ campaign kickoff in his house Ayers said and CNN simply repeats, “We had him in our home, and I think he was probably in 20 homes that day” as if this is an adequate defense at all.  So the then current state Senator introduced Obama in 20 homes that day?  Did you verify this CNN?  Of course not; you just reprint whatever Ayers claims.  Nice work.

CNN, you are a pathetic excuse for a news organization and every day you give us more reasons to not believe a word you write.  And that is very sad for our democratic system needs an informed electorate instead of an increasing divided one that only reads partisan viewpoints like yours.

What bias.


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