Media Dishonesty Destroying Their Credibility

But bias, bad as it may be, is not the real problem. Everybody has a bias. We all know that. It’s when bias creates dishonesty that the dry rot sets in. The media has been essentially dishonest in its non-investigation of Obama for what now is several years. With all their vast resources, they have given us virtually no reportage on his years at Harvard and Columbia and he is about to become President of the United States.

And this dishonesty, clearly perceived by the public even as it will likely elect Obama, is what accounts for a great deal of the economic woes of the mainstream media today. That same public know the NYT, LAT and WaPo are no longer reliable sources. The Washinton Post’s — clearly the best of the three – earnings plummeting 86% in the third quarter of this year is no longer a surprise, nor is it entirely related to the overall economic meltdown.

via Roger L. Simon » Obama and the media: it’s not the bias; it’s the dishonesty


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