Biden Is Finally Asked Some Tough Questions

Biden is asked some tough questions that have apparently incensed the Obama camp as they have reportedly cancelled an interview with Jill Biden and all contacts with the station until the election.  I guess Joe now knows how Palin feels now.

UPDATE: From an update to reporting at Instapundit:

Reader C.J. Burch emails: “He got a straighter run than Palin has. No one edited his answers. No one used false quotes against him. No one edited the video tape. No one took him out of context. No one pissed and moaned about his wardrobe or his hair plugs. No one has asked to see his kid’s birth ceritifcate. Thin skinned much, Obama campaign?” Note that they’re only getting these questions from local TV. There was a time when network folks laughed at softball local TV coverage, but in this election we’ve seen more hard coverage of Obama et al. from local media.


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