Exposing corruption: Ohio’s Secretary of State

If the Ohio Secretary of State blatantly violates Ohio election law and noone of ‘standing’ complains, then is it still a violation?  Yes.

Here a media outlet is actually doing their job of pointing our corruption.

Topping the list of most important legal cases this election year may be one in which the Supreme Court did not rule on the merits, and about which the U.S. Department of Justice DOJ turned a blind eye to justice. Rampant voter fraud may well result.

The nation’s highest court ruled Friday that, for now, a federal district court cannot force Ohio’s Secretary of State to enforce federal elections laws that she is flagrantly ignoring. Oddly enough, the Supreme Court is right: A loophole allows the Secretary of State to make a mockery of the law – unless and until DOJ steps in.

But DOJ is so busy suppressing political speech that it can’t be bothered with enforcing voting laws. This is especially true for voting laws that inconvenience the campaign of Barack Obama – to whom top DoJ election lawyers have given large campaign donations.


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