The media’s take on Sarah Palin’s intelligence

Is Sarah Palin dumb or is this a media construct?

Apparently, the skill most highly prized in a President is articulateness in extemporaneous public speaking. In fact, it is so highly prized, it is considered a necessary condition to assume the Presidency, and probably even a sufficient one. At least if you believe Big Media and an ever-increasing herd of conservative pundits.

I use Sarah Palin as an example. Throughout her life, she was chosen by her peers for leadership roles.

In high school she was chosen to be captain of the basketball team. Her team won the State Championship when she was captain. In fact, she sank the winning shot in the championship game – with a broken ankle.

In high school she was chosen as leader of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

When she showed up at PTA meetings in support of her own children’s education, her peers said she should run for councilman. She did and she won.

As a councilwoman, her peers said she should run for mayor. She did and she won.

As mayor, her fellow mayors thought she should be President of the Alaska Council of Mayors. She won that election too.

The Alaska governor appointed her as chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

Her peers thought she should run for governor. She did and she won.

John McCain selected her to be his Vice Presidential running mate.

Just for grins, count the word “won” in the above list.

At every step, she did not push her way up; she was pulled up. And not by the rich or powerful. She had no champion or mentor, no big-money backers. She was simply recognized for her competence, integrity and leadership by people who weren’t finding it elsewhere.


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