Would the Media ignore it?

Imagine if John McCain’s career had been launched at the home of a right-wing terrorist such as Timothy McVeigh. Do you think the media would be shrugging their shoulders?…

Imagine if John McCain were closely associated with a right-wing group that state officials say was actively committing widespread voter fraud running up to this election. Would the media ignore it?…

If John McCain spent two decades in a church with a right-wing pastor who preached a version of white supremacy and routinely condemned America, would the media suggest that the tie was no reflection on McCain’s own thoughts or ideology?

via UnionLeader.com – New Hampshire news, business and sports – Obama’s associates: Imagine if they were McCain’s – Friday, Oct. 10, 2008


One Response to Would the Media ignore it?

  1. politixican says:

    Right on. There’s no doubt about it. But we’ve known this for decades, that the media has a left-leaning favoritism inherent in their coverage and presentation. The MSM is absolutely not fair or even-handed – they are in bed with liberals.

    This final phase of campaigning is critical – McCain and Palin need to name names, convey a clear narrative to effectively demonstrate how Obama has been affiliated with ACORN to influence Congress (essentially forcing Fannie and Freddie to lowwe the bar in favor of “fair housing” and promoting greater risk taking in lieu of an implicit quasi-governmental support)…

    Capitalism works, but failed governmental policies (predominantly democrats) to protect Fannie and Freddie started us downhill into an economic tumble…

    Vote McCain/Palin!

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