CNN is getting warmer on Obama and Ayers…

CNN’s reporting has gone further than many MSM outlets to date on the working relationship between Obama and Ayers but they still do not cover Ayer’s current thoughts on “education as the motor-force of revolution” (during his frequent trips to Venezuela) or just how Ayers and Obama supported this goal through the Annenburg Challenge grants in Chicago schools. Again, it is not Ayers actions from long ago that are central here but his actions in the present along with his Chairman of the Board, Barack Obama.

What is also very interesting in the CNN video is how they constantly refer to Ayers’ radicalism in the past tense; he is not a past-tense radical by his own admission.¬† He is a present day revolutionary who views education as a means to his anti-American ends. Kudos to CNN for progress, however.

Ayers standing on the U.S. flag (again, not past-tense):


Palin: The attacks “may get kind of rough” going forward

The Ayers Connection

Not the School Curriculum He Knew?


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