L.A. Times Finally Admits that the President Can Fire the SEC Chair After All

It seems McCain was right:

It turns out that the President can indeed fire the Chair of the SEC after all.

via Patterico’s Pontifications

From the comments:

I have a question for you: Who in hell cares?

Everyone should care — if they care about the impact that the media has on this election.

The L.A. Times, New York Times, Toronto Star, McClatchy newspapers, Huffington Post, Jake Tapper of ABC, and a host of others “reported” that McCain couldn’t fire the SEC chair.

Turns out he could.

You can say you don’t care that the entire frigging media world screwed up a basic fact in attacking McCain. But I do. It demonstrates why people need to think for themselves and not just accept what the media says — even if it’s being repeated by outlets across the country.

Hell, even McCain ended up caving. He had been right — but you can’t fight the media when they’re all saying the same thing.


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